Avexir , most sexiest RAM i ever seen. 

Recently i got this ram from Avexir ,Thanks to Avexir Taiwan who believed on my project. There is alot brand of ram you can get and most of them have option to build your themed RIG , especialy to pair with ur RIG colour theme. 


The ram we talking now is Avexir Blitz series, as they also have succesor of Raiden series. But this is not a bad at all , its have good design and led on it , which is randomly blinking on our RIG(which is very nice). As for now , my impression will be "WOW" they're good in designing the heatsink. the built quality is very good , can feel the aluminium is solid enough to transfer the heat. 


Just for now i only reviewing on design and built quality , so far its above my expectation. 


That all my review on this very charming Avexir Blitz ram. By end of story , its worth to get if you like to theme ur RIG to premium level or else you can get low end value ram with normal heatsink  ^ ^ .